Step By Step Guide On How To Publish To Blogspot By Email

Did you know that you can post to your BlogSpot blog via e-mail?. Yes it is possible, and that is why i came up with this guide to help you accomplish this.

So follow along, while i tell you step by step how to do it.

Step 1: Set the e-mail settings.
To post a message by email, first go to the Email section under the Settings tab. You can get to the Settings from the "Dashboard" page.

Step 2: Create an e-mail address to send the posts to.
Once in the settings, go to the Email section and type a "secret" word in the box:

Step 3: "Secret" means don't share it.
Be sure the "Publish" box is checked, then click on the "Save Settings" button. The email address for you to send posts to the blog is: YourBlogUsername.(whatever your secret word is) (for example, the address for the sample user below would be:

Step 4: Now send an e-mail!
Compose a message in your e-mail account and send it to the address you created. The subject line will be inserted as the title. Any formatting (such as bold or italic) will appear as it does in your compose screen.

Step 5: Caveat!
If your e-mail automatically adds a signature at the end of your email, insert #end at the end of your message to prevent it from posting with your message.

You can include image, by attaching it to the composed message in the mail.

PS Note that with this method- posting to blog through mail, you can't add Labels to the post for now.

What do you think about this method?


  1. Very nice article, Emmanuel. This is really useful, thank you!

  2. I knew you can publish it by e-mail, but had no idea how :D Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Filipa, welcome to my blog, am happy it was helpful for you- atleast you now know how it is done.

  3. Its was a good option in the pre-smart phone era. Now I just open the browser and blog.


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