How To Add Comments Count System In Wapka Forum

In today's wapka tutor, i'll be showing you how to easily add comments count system in your wapka forum

total comments count system in wapka forum

So if this is what you have been looking for, then follow the tutorial closely because its a two(2) step procedures to accomplish it.

First go to msg in forum box1 (m i f 0.1) Locate ::msg:: and replace it with code below

Now add this either in the same box or the third box

After adding all of that, click on submit.

Secondly, goto your forum bottom autocontent page and add this javascript HTML below.

And that is all, view your wapka posts and you should see the number of comments there. Happy wapmastering!

Did you face any problem, or have any question, did it work for you? Drop your comments in the box below.
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Learn How To Increase Wapka Site Traffic With Ease

learn how to drive traffics to your wapka site

Do you know that you can Increase Wapka Sites Traffic by yourself. You may be asking how? Everyone Want to Increase Traffic ! But 90% of People who wants it do not Succeed.

Some People Use Top- List to Increase Traffic and Some People Advertise Their site to Advertising Company. But using Top-list is not always good because Top-List decrease site reputation and Advertising of Site are now too expensive.

Today i'll give you a great tutorial on how to get traffics to your wapka by yourself, This is a simple trick of Robots.txt file, so read along.


To get started go and login to your wapka account. > First Select Admin Mode > Global Settings > Edit robots file (robots.txt)= (EDIT IT & PASTE THE FOLLOWING CODE BELOW)

User-agent: Mediapartners-GoogleDisallow:User-agent: *Disallow: /searchAllow: /Sitemap: http://yoursite.wapka.mobi/sitemap.xml

Note: Change yoursite.wapka.mobi in the above code to your wapka site url.

And you are done, keep writing/posting great contents on your site and traffics will start swimming in. Was this helpful, drop your comments below.

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Congratulation! Nobleloaded is One

Cant believe one year had passed by, One Year into blogging. Congratulations! NobleLoaded is One! It seems as if it was yesterday i started.

And I'll love to use this medium to tell you my little journey so far into blogging.

How & Why I Started Blogging

Before coming into blogging, i had tried some platforms because i always wanted to own a website of my own(my kid dreams), some of them are Peperonity and Wapka. I left peperonity because of poor interface and Lack of developing tools, came into wapka 2013 and stayed for 2 years. I left wapka due to the fact i wanted to upgrade, i needed a professional website that can stand with other web online: and Wapka cant achieve that for me so i left.

I started Nobleloaded 15 of August 2015 which was the day i published my first post ever on Blogspot, before then i had been reading guides about blogging online, in order to succeed when i come in.

It was started as a general niche blog and that was where the name NobleLoaded came in, but after going through researches, i had to stop and focus on a particular niche TECH, which is actually what i have passion for(not the gossip type lol) but i still didn't change the name because it was to be a brand that will stand out: Loaded with Contents. Many critized me about blogging on a particular niche, but i had to keep my focus because i had a goal.

It is not an easy journey because i have problems/challenges

Challenges I Face As a Blogger

* Lack of constant power supply

* Poor/expensive Internet services

* Time: as a student it is very difficult to manage school time with blogging.

But am happy all of this never weighed me down in my blogging journey.

Am not a gossip type like i said earlier, so let me not write too much lol. Below are stats of Nobleloaded so far, although not really better. Please see it as a starting point for me, because am still growing...


Number of posts: 184

Number of comments: 225

Facebook page likes: 1,274(like my page here

Twitter followers: 480(follow me here

Google+: 17 Followers(Follow

Guest Bloggers: 4


I have tried almost all the monetizing method i know on my blog. From ad networks to affiliate marketing. I have not earned so much from these mediums(maybe none). I’ve earned a few thousands of naira, from writing articles for other blogs, mostly, as a ghost Blogger.

Despite that, i have not given up because that was not what brought me into blogging(although making money is involved).


Blog of the Week on Zealmat.com

My greatest achievement is the people i have been able to meet online through blogging.


I want to take this time to appreciate everyone who has helped this blog in one way or the other.

- I'll not forget to give God thanks for the journey so far.

- My mum: Thanks for tolerating me staying up late at night to blog(although at first you didnt know what i did).

- Abas Etop: I've missed you here online, cant forget when we started this together, hope to see you online again.

- Precious Agbontan: I'm happy and thankful for your support this far(remembering the days of wapka together)

- Grace Joseph: Thanks my sister from another mother for all your support.

- Promise Excel: My brother from the planet of FB(lol), we met recently but we have established a bond that no element on earth can break, thanks for everything.

- Mathias Amodu: Another brother, i appreciate the encourgement you gave me on your blog and also the support so far.

- Prince Odafe: You've been a great friend within a short time, thanks.

- Jide Ogunsanya: My boss, you've realy inspired me a long way, even before i started blogging, could remember when i said i'll love to add you on FB and you sent a request. Thanks for your ebook "OGBONGE GUIDE TO BLOGGER"

- Mazino Oyolo: Thanks for your support bro, i appreciate.

- Tunde Sanusi: We had problems when i started but am happy it is now in the past.

- Angela Devies: Although not a professional yet, you still believed in me and seeked my support.

- Akpene Jacob: Thanks for your support in the journey.

If I didn’t mention your name, it does not mean that you’re not important. I appreciate everyone equally who has been there for me.

Way Forward

- Getting a custom domain

- Get a new laptop

- Increase my blog traffics

- Increase my social media followers

- Start creating videos for my YouTube channel

- Get more serious with my blog.

Thanks for being part of that journey and dream, Please show your support by dropping a comment
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Domainking.NG: Registration Of Domain Name Guide

Today, i have decied to come up with this great article: how to register a domain name with domainking through a step by step guide in this tutorial below.

1. Visit domainking website here

2. Click on "login"(if you are already a member) or Click on "New Users Register here(if you do not account there already), Fill the form and verify the registration via your email.

3. Now go to the domain registration page here

domainking domain registration page

In the Search Here box enter your Domain Name that you want to register(without www) and also select your preferred Domain Extension or TLD (like .com, .net, .com.ng etc.) and then click on "Search" button.

4. Now you will be redirected to domain availability result page. It will show you if the domain name that you want to register is available or not.
If your Domain Name is available, then you will see a message like Congratulations, yourdomain.com is available!. Then click on "Click to Continue".

5. You will be redirected to the domain configuration page

Tick the 3 add ons but do not touch the Nameservers. Then Click "Continue to final checkout page"

6. Review your order and after that enter all your details under "Your Details" Section. If you are already an existing customer then you can select "Existing Customer" tab and sign in.

7. Select your preferred payment method with which you want to pay and tick "I have read and agree to the Terms of Service". Then click on "Complete Order" button.

8. Now an invoice has been created for your order. You can select a different payment method if you want to change it and click on "Pay Now" button.

If you have selected an Online payment method like Voguepay, Cashenvoy or 2Checkout etc. then you will be redirected to their payment gateway page. There you can make the payment with your preferred debit/credit card.

Once you pay the invoice your order will be activated automatically if you pay via Online payment method that is via VISA Card, Master Card, Verve Card etc.

But in case of offline payment method i.e Bank deposit or Online Bank Transfer it can take upto 24 hours for it to be credited.

If payment is successful, Once back to your domainking account, click "MY DOMAINS".

If the background of the domain name you registered is light green, it means it has been activated. If not yet active, wait till you receive activation notification from domainking in your mail.

After activation, you can then use the DNS console to configure your domain for whatever you want to use it for.

I hope you benefit from this little tutorial? Drop your comments and share with friends.

Photo Credits: DKN/OgbongeBlog
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How To Know The Last Time Google Bots Entered Your Site

We all know that in order for our website/blog contents to be visible on search engines, the bot of the search engine should be able to visit our webpage, in this article i'll be discussing on google bots and show you how to know if google bots visited your webpage recently.

know when last your site was visited by googlebot
Many people often think that google bots does not visit their websites or blogs, due to the fact that they do not see themselves in search results after making a search query, well that may be because they are in a high competitive keyword niche. But that does not mean that google did not index their webpage.

So if you want to know whether google keeps visiting your website or blog, follow the steps below:

First Go to http://google.com

After that input cache:example.com in the search area and click on search, replace example.com with your website or blog domain. Make sure none of the letters are in cap lock(capital letter) and all of them are written in one word(no spaces between).

After the search a screenshot of how your website or blog looked like the last time it was visited with the date, year, time in minute and seconds will be shown to you.


And that is all, you will now know if google always index your webpage.

Was this helpful, do you have any question, or do you know of another way to find out if google have index your webpage? Drop them in the comment box below, and don't forget to share this with your friends.
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How To Add Related Post On A Wordpress Blog

Adding related post on Wordpress have been an important feature in a website, because this will reduce your bounce rate and also engage your readers.

how to add related post on wordpress

Alot of wordpress bloggers have find it very difficult to add the related post code on their wordpress websites, so today in this article, i'm going to share the best related posts plugin for wordpress blog here so read on.

The wordpress related post plugin we will be using, will also make use of wordpress related posts shortcode and the name of the plugin is Related Post by Taxonomy.

How To Install The Related Post Plugin

Open your WordPress dashboard and locate Plugins, then click “ADD PLUGIN”. And search for the Plugin in your dashboard or you can download it here and upload to your plugins.
And dont forget to activate it, whatever method you use to install it.

How To Show Related Post On Your Wordpress

Making your related posts to show after installing and activating your plugin is simple and easy, all you have to do is place this shortcode anyway you want your related posts to display [related-post-by-taxonomy].

After doing all of that, now view your wordpress blog, click on a post and you should be able to see your related posts now.

Don't forget to drop your comments and share this post to your friends too.
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How To Become Verified On Twitter

We all know that twitter always verify accouts which are owned by famous people in their platform, today i'm going to show you how to get verified on twitter without being famous.
be verified on twitter

How do you feel when you see some twitter account verified? Happy is'nt, how will you now feel if you get your own twitter account verified. Wow! It'll be great!.

It is now easier to get verified on twitter unlike before, because twitter now make their verification form available to the public, and when you meet their requirement, BOOM! You will get verified.

How To Be Verified On Twitter

Follow the steps below
Follow @RealityEmma

1. Visit verification request form web page and make sure you are logged into your Twitter account to proceed.
twitter verification form

2. Then Confirm the username you would like to be verified with.

3. You will automatically be asked to submit a request for the account you are logged into.

4. Click continue when you're ready.

If you are a company or corporation, check the box at the bottom-left corner of the screen to indicate it.

5. Add any missing information. If your Twitter account lacks any information that is required to submit a request, you will be notified on the next page. Add this information to your Twitter, and then return to the page to continue.

6. Check the section on Increasing Your Changes of Verification for a list of the information you'll need to have in order to be eligible to make a request.

7. Enter websites as references. Provide to 2 or more websites or blog url that can be used to identify your account.

You will also need to scan and upload a legible copy of a government-issued ID.

Note: You should provide instances of your appearances in the news, high-traffic content producers, or other evidence of your public influence.

8. Now fill on why you think they should verify you In the box below.

9. Click the blue "Next" button at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to page asking you to confirm your submission.

10. Click "Submit." Your request will be sent for a review. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified via e-mail.

If they think you are qualified, you will be contacted by Twitter's @Verified account for instructions on verifying your account via direct message.

If You are VERIFIED, i'll advice you not to edit information on your account like your username, email etc. Because this could make twitter take back the verified button from you.
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Working Wapka Facebook (FB) Sharer Code

Today i'm going to share with my wapka readers, how to add Facebook sharer code to their wapsites.

I have heard alot of complaints from wapka users that their current fb sharer code for wapka does not work, if you are facing this too don't worry in this article, i'm going to treat that- Facebook sharer code that tag first image in forum, follow below.

wapka fb sharer code with image tag

Now lets begin, first login your wapka Admin Mode, in your Message in forum first box, Replace ::msg:: with the code below

Now paste this code below your Message in forum 1st box.

Now after that, Paste the below code in your forum footer/bottom autocontent.

NOTE: Change all Example.com in the above code to your sitename.com.

Now your fb sharer code should be working perfectly well now, drop your comments below or if you encounter any problem, let me know.

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Beautifying Your Home With Nobel Carpets And Rugs

Carpets & Rugs have a profound impact in a home: they can tie a whole room together, serve as a designated play or reading area, introduce some color or texture to a dullish area or act a focal decor piece. Whatever the reason, everyone needs a good rug.

Also, it is characteristic for the lovers of modern architecture to renounce any aspect of comfort in favor of a minimalistic visual effect. However, nothing says homey like a nice smooth rug in a friendly color. The possibilities are endless and each of them gives a plus of comfort and a welcoming accent to your home, be it classic or modern.

Each of our rooms could well use a carpet for an added accent and a touch of coziness to make our feet happy.

So with all of this, one may be thinking of where he/she will get quality rugs/carpets for office or home. Worry no more, today i'm bringing to you Nobel Carpets and Rugs, the best so far.
Nobel carpets and rugs logo

Are you not still convinced, check out some of their products below
Nobel rug

Nobel carpet

Nobel carpets and rugs

Nobel rugs

You can also check more of their products HERE and be convinced the have the best to offer.

You can contact them by clicking HERE to order for any product you love.
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Problems Faced When Involving Friends & Families Into Your Business

Guest Post
About author
Ajetunmobi Daniel Omotola is a young blogger who loves writing and blogging about business/entrepreneurship and making money ideas in AjetomsBlog

Involving friends and families into your business is absolutely a barrier that will decrease the growth of your business.

problems faced when you include family in your biz

One of my lecturer once said that if you involve both your friends and families into your business you won't be able to embark on the action you want to take, you will want to have pity on their false character/behavior in any activities they partake in the business. Always discover yourself think of who to employ before or after starting up a business. Do not care what people (your friends and families) say when you decide not to employ them because if you do, you will want to call their attention to your business and this might let your business be at loss.

Never give up in what you like doing, be focus because you will surely get to your final destination. You can help your friends and families in any other ways but not involving them into your business. You know you have a purpose of starting up the business, then never fall, be targeted.

Be concern with what you want to achieve by yourself, do not involve your relatives and others. What happens when you involve your friends and families into your business:

1. It affects the growth of your business.

2. You won’t be able to have control over them and not having control over them means your business also is not under control.

3. You won’t be able to pour out your mind when you discover that the financial account of your business for the month/year is not balance.

4. They might not be punctual.

5. Day to day activities of your business might be shaking(won’t be done appropriately).

6. Their will be no respect for you and remember you owned the business.

7. You will want to have pity on them when they do wrong and to sack them won’t be so easy but for the growth of your business, you better do.

8. You will be asked to assist them without knowing if you’re losing or making your profit, which you will want to.

9. You will always want to calm yourself down when you are trying to take a step reporting them to other relatives or so.

10. They hardly obey the rules and regulations of your company.

But if you’re the one that has already employ Friends and families into your business and you think you’re not facing any problem or the other. Let me tell you, no matter what, you will still go through all this issues given above.

Drop your comment if you are in support or against this.
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