Congratulations! Joelwilliamsblog Is One

Today NobleLoaded is celebrating a wonderful, lovely and aspiring young blog Joel Williams Blog which is one year today. We at NobleLoaded congratulate Joel William who is the CEO of Joelwilliamsblog.

About JoelWilliams Blog

Joel Williams Blog.com.ng is a blog about serving Latest News,Breaking News,Gossips,music and videos,lifestyle,weddings,inspiration,an online fashion magazine and technology. The engage their readers with thousand of New stories,articles,and adverts from around the world and we also share the little things around them with their readers.

  Joel williams blog is a blog also meant for the purpose of building relationships among fans,readers,and blog its  Blog Administrators.

joel williams  blog was founded on the18th of february 2016 and was mainly a news blog untill it became a platform  for all round news and gossips.

So Happy Anniversary to you.
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Blogging Niche: How To choose a Profitable One For Your Blog

There’s one problem that bloggers often face. I’ve had the same problem in the past. That problem is choosing the wrong niche for your blog.

There are a number of reasons why a particular niche or topic could be the wrong one.

It may be that you’re not passionate enough, you don’t know enough about it or it’s just too difficult to make money in that sector.

Blogging Niche: How To choose a Profitable One For Your Blog

What is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche could simply be said to be what your blog is all about.

Examples of Blog Niches

Internet Marketing
Top Sites

Why Choose a Niche?

Of course, you can always start a blog talking about anything and everything. However, these types of blogs aren’t often as successful.

That’s because people search the Internet for one reason only: to solve a problem. That problem may be to find entertainment, or it may be to answer a question. It could be any number of imaginable problems. But when readers are looking to solve a problem and your blog is nothing but ramblings on random topics, how is your blog going to solve their problem? That’s why niche blogs are popular.

A niche blog narrows your target audience, but it also keeps them coming back.

The right niche can kick-start your blog. However, many blogs fail because they pick a niche which is of absolutely no use and has no potential to make money. Therefore, finding a profitable niche is not that easy as it may sound, and it requires some real thought and planning.

How to Find Your Perfect & Profitable Niche

Choose a Niche you know and love

Experts will constantly tell you to blog about what you’re passionate about. If you’re not passionate about the niche that you’re blogging in then that’s a very bad sign. Passion keeps us motivated, passion stops us from giving up and passion helps us to keep us interested in learning and developing our skillsets within a particular niche.

Don't go for Wide Niche

Don’t select very wide niche like technology.
There are lots of successful technology blogs like Techcrunch. Do you know that Techcrunch publishes about 10 posts daily.
Can you do it?

I don’t want to mention that you can’t create a successful technology blog. The only thing I want to mention is it is very easy to build a successful blog if you select a small area covered niche.

If you select technology as your blog niche, you have to write about software, websites, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, windows, Linux, technology news, etc.

If you select “Android" instead of technology it is easy to create a successful blog because you have to write only about Android tips, Android news, Android apps, etc. Then you can build up huge readers’ background around your blog. All of them are android lovers. So almost all your readers are target visitors.

It is very easy to make money from that type of blog. Think, if you use Google Adsense for making money from your Android blog. At least 90% of Adsense might be android related Ads because all of your blog is about Android. All of your readers are also Android lovers. So there is a high probability to get more clicks to your Ads. And you can easily target direct advertisements also you can publish sponsored reviews.


Choosing the right niche for your blog is important.

Pick the wrong niche and you could just end up wasting an incredible amount of your time, and also a lot of money.

The truth is that building a successful blog takes time and you need to be in it for the long time.

Blogging is not a “get rich soon” scheme and it takes significant time to see any results (sometimes a year or two).

By thinking about how passionate you are, what your strengths are and which niches are going to be profitable you can cut out a lot of the disappointment and put yourself on the right track from the start.

Do you have more tips? It will be great if you drop it in the comment below.
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How To Communicate With Customers On Twitter

Today, Twitter is a great Platform in which you can communicate with their your potential customers easily. What makes it great is that It moves in real time, making it simple for customers to ask you questions, celebrate your business, or reach out if they need support.

The way you communicate with them, will either Make or Break your Business, so it will be important to know how to communicate with them. Below i'll be listing out ways to accomplish this.

Communicate Using Enthusiasm

Always Respond as quickly as possible. It is noted that Prompt customer service pays off. And when consumers don’t get an answer from a company on Twitter, it is belived that 81% don’t recommend that company to their friends. Take for Example, Do you recommend a company that did not respond to your problems on Twitter? I guess NO will be your answer.* Your reply too doesn't have to be formal, always respond to Tweets like you would if they'd just walked into your store and have a One-on-One conversation. It is recommended for you to check your Twitter at least once a day to respond to potential customers.

While responding, you can also include images, enthusiastic GIF or a smiley face which clearly communicates your mood to your customer.

Move Some Conversations From Public To Private

Direct Messages are private and they’re perfect for conversations that you would prefer to have between just you and a customer.

If a conversation with a customer is light and positive, keep it public to show other potential customers that you are reachable. It is adviceable to address negative comments publicly, by so doing, other people can see that you deliver great customer service. But if you need a customer’s personal information or the conversation is going to have a lot of back and forth, move it to Direct Message. You can do this telling your customer to check his/her DM for your reply.

Commend Positive Reviews

When you run a good business on Twitter, be sure that your customers will Tweet positive reviews about it. These responses can be used to promote your business. By Retweeting one, you broadcast it to your followers. You can also add a quote to the Retweet, i.e thanking the customer or reminding them with words like this “Tweet us if you need anything else!”.

The more you use and promote your Twitter account, the more responses will pour in. Ask customers to follow you in person, in the footer of your emails, and on your websites, or paper receipts. A lot of businesses also incorporate their @name into their packaging so customers will feel encouraged to connect when they are most excited about their newly purchased product.


So above are tips you are to use to communicate perfectly with your customers. Also check Twitter to see how potential customers are responding to you (or your competitors!), Learn from them and use those opportunities to create loyal customers.
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7 SEO Tips To Increase Your Ranking

Truly, there is no Blogger that will not love his/her blog's ranking to increase. And because of this, many times they fall to doing wrong SEO practices. So in today's post, i'll be talking about 7 SEO practices that will increase your blog ranking. So let us begin.

7 SEO Tips To Increase Your Ranking


Bloggers today seem to forget this fact and concentrate too much on creating backlinks themselves. If you are popular and people like you, then they will start linking to you and talking about your website and mentioning you on social media networks. It is also okay to run backlink campaigns, but if you concentrate more on pleasing your reader, then you are going to have more luck in the long run.


If for whatever reasons you are going to switch the location of posts then you need to be very careful about creating backlinks to them. Creating broken backlinks is bad SEO business, and having your broken backlinks on the Google index with nothing to do will harm your SEO.


If you are the type that switch themes/templates too often, then it will affect older backlinks and Google will start to drop your SEO value in its index. Stick to the same theme/template within your blog and your Off page SEO will work a lot better


Remember that to be popular is a good thing because SEO elements will start to come to you naturally. With that said you should remember that social media is more for building a reputation and getting popular than it is for trying to get backlinks.


There are directories online that shows lists of blogs and give links to them. So long as these are no part of a black hat SEO scheme then they are very good for your SEO. You can wait until you are popular enough for people to put your blog on there, but it is far easier if you find a few blog directories and ask the owner to include you too.


This is also known as reciprocal linking and it works because both you and the person you are swapping with have an incentive to keep the links going. You both have good reason to swap and keep up the link, so you get a backlink for as long as you keep the other person’s link. It is a good deal and is good for your SEO.


Signing up with Google+ is something you should do as a blogger, because it has alot of ways to help your blog. You should sign up with Facebook as Google take what is said and done on Facebook with seriousness. Sign up and post excerpts of your blog to them every week. It allows people to get a taste of your blog, and may in time become fans of it and start backlinking to it and mentioning it on social media.


I appreciate you reading the 7 SEO Tips To Increase Your Ranking outlined above, if this tips is followed, you will indeed notice an increase in your blog's ranking. Do you have any question about the above tips, or do you have more to suggest? Let us know in the comment below.

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Important Wordpress Plugins Every Blogger Should Have

Wordpress as we all know, is one of the best platform for blogging, Wordpress also has alot of Plugins to make blogging easy and quickly.

But it may be hard for newbies using Wordpress to actually pick out the best plugins due to the fact that they have alot of plugins on the internet. In this post, i'm going to list out some Wordpress Plugins you should have on your blog.

Important Wordpress Plugins Every Blogger Should Have

All In One SEO Pack

This plugin is one of most downloaded plugins ever, All in One SEO Plugin is great for those who don’t have much information in SEO, this plugin works great. I recommend all blogger to use this plugin to optimize your posts for search engine.


Every blogger want to get more and more comments on their posts. With this plugin bloggers will reward readers for commenting on their blogs, commentluv will auto post a link of the blog post of the commenter along with his comment, So commentLuv plugin encourage people to post comment on your blogs.

Share This

This social media plugin allows peoples to share you blog post to over 120 social platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Email, Pinterest and much more. With share this plugin you will get lot of traffic from social sites.

Easy Contact Form

This plugin is a easy-to-use and fully functional contact form, contact us page means a lot for all bloggers, so this plugin is a gift for them, this plugin may save your time for coding a contact form.

Akismet (Spam Protection)

Spam is one of the major problem for any website owner, peoples trying hard to find a way for spam protection, Akismet plugin solves this issue by protecting your Blog from spam.

Google Analytics for WordPress

As a Blogger you know that Google Analytics helps a lot to analyze the performance of blog, with this plugin bloggers can use same features more easily.

Google XML Sitemaps (Search Engine Optimization)

Sitemap enable search engines to add pages of your blog to their directory, this plugin creates a sitemap for your blog and when you add any page or content in your blog, this plugin auto notifies major searches engines to re-index your blog.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded (Comments Subscription)

Subscribe to comments reloaded plugin allows users to get a update via email any time someone comments on that page, this plugin is also a great one to keep a conversation on.

BackupBuddy (Website Backup)

This plugin saves your WordPress backup, if anything bad happen to your blog, you will have your site backup to restore, this plugin may cost you some money but it is easy to use, if you want a free plugin for WordPress backup then you may try XCloner.


This is the list of Wordpress Plugins i think each Wordpress user should have. Do you think i missed any important plugin in my list? Please do well to drop them in the comment below.
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Are You Ready For Jumia Black Friday 2016 - Up to 90% Off!

This year’s edition of Jumia Black Friday deals is almost here , and Nigerians cannot wait to get massive discounts on their favourite products.

The Online retail giant, Jumia Nigeria has announced the date and categories for the 2016 Black Friday  sales event! This year, Jumia Black Friday will take place for 12 days! From Monday, November 14th to Friday, November 25th 2016 on all Jumia websites.

Top brands like AXA Mansard, MTN, Binatone, Innjoo, Infinix, Poly Star, HP, Intel, Etihad airways have partnered with Jumia to bring to Nigerians the largest shopping event of the year. Here’s what Jumia Black Friday shoppers can expect this year.

*.12 Days of Black Friday promotional deals – From 14thto 25thNovember 2016

*.Increased sales inventory in all categories including: fashion, electronics, phones, computers, home, baby, health and beauty – up to 70% discount off regular prices

*.Over 100,000 deals from 2,500 vendors

*.Highlight offerings from brands like PolyStar, HP, Binatone, Nikon, Pampers and Apple.

In addition, this year’s Jumia Black Friday features an online giveaway for every customer who spends N10,000 and above. Lucky customer winners will win an iPhone 7, a PS4 console, two economy class Etihad tickets and two business class tickets.

During last year’s Jumia Black Friday that took place on November 27 2015, more than 2.3 million Nigerians visited Jumia. Following the impressive volume of orders during last year, this year’s sales event has been expanded to reach even more customers.

“This year’s Jumia Black Friday is designed to offer our customers more days, more deals and more convenience and to deliver better customer service to our shoppers,” said Simone Bartlett, Head of Marketing Jumia Nigeria.

The deals are expected to go fast, on a first come, first serve basis, so customers are encouraged to download the Jumia app and subscribe to the Jumia newsletter for real time notifications on the featured sales, deals and daily offerings which will commence November 14th and run until November 25th 2016.

I'll also suggest you come as early as, not to be left out, i.e when the deals are over.

How To Be Prepared For Jumia Black Friday 2016

*. Make a list of items you will like to purchase. (Smartphones, laptops, shoes, fashion items, Tv sets, anything!)

*.Save as much money as you can, so that you will have more than enough for the event.

*.Make sure your phone and laptop is fully charged the night before black friday, in order to avoid disappointment.

*.Get a good internet connection, one that is very very fast!

*.Subscribe to our newsletter. We will send you an email few minutes before the event.

*.Be awake by 11:30pm. Blackfriday usually starts by 12am and that’s when most of the good deals are posted.

In the end, you need to be VERY SMART AND FAST!!
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Interview: Meet Janice Wald Of Mostly Blogging

Hello all, Nobleloaded is bringing to you a blogger, Author and a mother Janice Wald owner of Mostly Blogging, we will be hearing from Janice in this interview her long way in blogging and things to learn from her.

1. Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?
I’m Janice Wald, the author of AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG, available on Amazon.com.
I write about blogging in order to help bloggers by giving step-by-step directions for content creation.
My blog is MostlyBlogging.com. By following the advice in my posts, you will be able to increase your content’s visibility.

 2. Describe how did you first get into blogging?
My two youngest daughters went to college. I started blogging to fill the void and help others. I started reading about blogging to improve my articles and fell into the blogging tips niche.

3. Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging? Reading about blogging tips, having a supportive husband, having grown daughters who no longer needed me in the home all enabled me to give my all to blogging.

4. How would you describe your blogging style? People have said my writing is understandable. That’s probably because I’m a teacher.

5. What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog? Type of networking? All types! Definitely bloggers should comment on each other’s blogs. That’s how bloggers and their readers will learn about you.

6. What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers? Have relevant graphics and infographics which will help visual learners. Also, people are in a hurry so format with subheads, numbered lists, bolded lists, and shorter sentences.

7. What would be your ideal working environment? I have a room in my house I use as an office. I normally blog there.

8. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently? I allot each day of the week for another blogging task. On days I don’t blog, for example, I respond to commenters.

9. What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog? I try to give my readers what they want. For example, my readers like tech tips, productivity tips, and traffic tips.

10. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year? I would like to explore new content like content marketing and further explore SEO tips.

11. What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that? I tend to get cavalier about networking. I can’t rest on my laurels. I need to keep growing my blog.

12. Tell me about your proudest achievement? I am a published author! I wrote AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG, for sale on Amazon.

13. Who has impacted you most in blogging and how? I read a great deal. Jon Morrow and Neil Patel are two of my favorites.

14. What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging? I am a mom of three beautiful daughters I am proud of.

15. What do you do in your spare time? I love to attend musical theater. My husband and I also watch television in our free time.

16. Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now? Making additional passive income from blogging, perhaps writing an additional ebook or two.

17. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far? Finding balance. Sometimes blogging tasks like guest posts were put on the back burner. I also needed to make time for my family.

18. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourites? Neil Patel and Jon Morrow have great tips.

19. What inspired you to start your blog? (answered above in #3) Also see http://www.mostlyblogging.com/if-youre-brave-enough-to-say-goodbye-life-will-reward-you-with-a-new-hello-2/

20. How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up
and running? I love the validation that comes from helping people.

21. What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging? Finding time since I also work outside the home.

22. In the future where do you hope your blog will take you? I hope to explore new topics and make more passive income. Conference speaking would be nice as well.

23. Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey? You’re interesting Emmanuel!

24. Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year? Find time for holiday shopping and sleeping in addition to keeping up with blogging and working as a teacher.

25. Did you have any professional help or did you created the blog yourself? Just me but I have a great tech helper, Merri Dennis.

26. How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you communicate with your followers? As often as time allows.

27. How much time do you spend blogging? As often as time allows.

28. What do you think is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors to a blog? Check your dashboard to see where your visitors come from. Continue promoting there.

29. Would you encourage other people to make their blog? If you have the time and like helping people, absolutely

30. Is blogging your profession or just a hobby? A hobby that I make a little money from

31. A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making  money from the blog? Yes! My post explains 21 tips for making money online:

32. What is your last word for bloggers out there and Also NOBLELOADED readers? Keep at it! When you find tips that work, blogging is extremely rewarding. That’s why I provide those tips to people at MostlyBlogging.com 
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How To Make Money On Linda Ikeji Social

Well, some of you may start thinking, What is LIS?, while some may be fully aware of what it is. LIS is Linda Ikeji Social (LindaIkejiSocial.com ) was launched on the 1st of November 2016 as a social networking site.

We all know that a social networking site let you share memories and connect with friends. But in the case of LIS, you can also make money while connecting with friends. Cool.. right? Below are some ways you can make money on Linda Ikeji Social:

1. Submitting Stories

You can make money by submitting stories on Linda Ikeji Social.

LIS will pay you N1,000 per approved story. For your story to be approved for payment, it must FIRST be exclusive and original. Payments will reflect in the "wallet" section of your LIS profile. If you can submit as many as possible, and they are approved, then you can do the math for yourself. Lol

To submit exclusive news on LIS, sign in and click on "Submit Story" button.

2. LIS Giveaways

Every week, LIS will be giving out cash, prizes, recharge cards and other amazing freebies etc. So, this is another way you can make money on LIS.

You have to be part of the community to find out what LIS will be giving away. Just click on the "Giveaways" button to know.

3. Adverts On Your LIS Business Page.

You can also make money through the business pages you create on LIS.

According to Linda Ikeji, if your LIS business page has at least 50,000 followers, LIS will use your page to advertise goods and services for their clients. Hence, you will get a share of what advertisers pay LIS to advertise on the platform.

You will get 20% of whatever advertisers pay for each banner. Then if you should have 100,000 followers on your page, then you will get x2 of the 20%.

So what are you waiting for? Join LIS and make money, Follow me at: http://www.lindaikejisocial.com/profile/realityemma
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Step By Step Guide On How To Publish To Blogspot By Email

Did you know that you can post to your BlogSpot blog via e-mail?. Yes it is possible, and that is why i came up with this guide to help you accomplish this.

So follow along, while i tell you step by step how to do it.

Step 1: Set the e-mail settings.
To post a message by email, first go to the Email section under the Settings tab. You can get to the Settings from the "Dashboard" page.

Step 2: Create an e-mail address to send the posts to.
Once in the settings, go to the Email section and type a "secret" word in the box:

Step 3: "Secret" means don't share it.
Be sure the "Publish" box is checked, then click on the "Save Settings" button. The email address for you to send posts to the blog is: YourBlogUsername.(whatever your secret word is)@blogger.com. (for example, the address for the sample user below would be: swolskey.somesecretword@blogger.com)

Step 4: Now send an e-mail!
Compose a message in your e-mail account and send it to the address you created. The subject line will be inserted as the title. Any formatting (such as bold or italic) will appear as it does in your compose screen.

Step 5: Caveat!
If your e-mail automatically adds a signature at the end of your email, insert #end at the end of your message to prevent it from posting with your message.

You can include image, by attaching it to the composed message in the mail.

PS Note that with this method- posting to blog through mail, you can't add Labels to the post for now.

What do you think about this method?
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Twitterfeed To Shut Down This Month

It's sad to find out that Twitterfeed is actually shutting down October 31st, 2016.
In an effort to let bloggers/webmasters that used Twitterfeed know what is about to happen, the company sent mails to all Twitterfeeders. Below is the content of the email sent.

Howdy, Twitterfeeders!

We're writing to let you know that Twitterfeed will be shutting its doors on October 31st, 2016. It's been one heck of a run and we can't thank you enough for your loyal usage and support over the years.

If you're looking for a service similar to Twitterfeed to continue using in our absence, we recommend checking out the good folks at Buffer ( https://buffer.com) or Dlvr.it ( https://dlvr.it)
Thanks again for all the feeds!

Taking a look back at the services rendered by Twitterfeed, i'll really miss them. I used them to auto-post to my Facebook page, my Twitter Profile, my Linkedin Profile, so you see why i said i will miss them.

Well, it is always good to move forward, which service do you think can perfectly replace Twitterfeed?
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