Working Wapka Facebook (FB) Sharer Code

Today i'm going to share with my wapka readers, how to add Facebook sharer code to their wapsites.

I have heard alot of complaints from wapka users that their current fb sharer code for wapka does not work, if you are facing this too don't worry in this article, i'm going to treat that- Facebook sharer code that tag first image in forum, follow below.

wapka fb sharer code with image tag

Now lets begin, first login your wapka Admin Mode, in your Message in forum first box, Replace ::msg:: with the code below

Now paste this code below your Message in forum 1st box.

Now after that, Paste the below code in your forum footer/bottom autocontent.

NOTE: Change all in the above code to your

Now your fb sharer code should be working perfectly well now, drop your comments below or if you encounter any problem, let me know.

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