How To Make Calls On BlackBerry When Having A Low Battery With The Network Off

Have you ever wanted making an important call on your BlackBerry phone, and then discovered that you cant, because your battery is low and the network is off automatically?

In today's tutorial, i will be showing how you can still use your BlackBerry phone to make a call even when your battery is low and it is showing SOS in the network area. Without waste of time, lets go to the main point.

Now pick up your phone(i mean the low BlackBerry), and let us perform a little trick, dail 911 we all know 911 is an emergency number, after dailing LOOK UP and see the network is back, no more SOS, now end the call and make your own call, the network will be there for some minutes, after which it will go off again, but before then you should have made your call already.

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  1. Wow this is great hmm I can now make call the way I like wow thanks for this wonderful update

  2. Nice development from tech. Hope it works, thank for sharing this with us


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