How To Disable Your Whatsapp From Auto Starting When You Switch On Your Symbian Phone


Tutorial on how to disable whatsapp from auto starting whenever you switch on your symbian phone.

It is often discouraging for some people, because they sometimes dont want to start their whatsapp yet, but they cant help and dont know what to do to stop it. Here am i going to share it. Follow the steps below:-

First you have to download NetQin antivirus 4.0, after downloading lunch it and go to system manager,then click boot acceleration, and you will see all your connecting application. Then option to disable the auto start of your whatsapp.

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After doing all that, restart your phone and see, whatsapp not auto start again.

Hope this tuto has helped in solving this problem.


  1. Thank you for the tutorial! My best wishes to the admin!

  2. You are welcome‏, and thanks for appreciating this post, keep on visiting for more.


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