How To Display Images Of More Than 20kb On Wapka (SOLVED)

Displaying images of more than 20kb on wapka forum site.
I have been receiving complaints about some wapmasters not been able to display images more than 20kb on their WAPKA forum.
Let us begin. First add this to your bottom autocontent for forum

<@script language="javascript">var msg=document.getElementsByName("zoom"); for(var i=0;i<@msg.length;i++){ var oldtext=document.getElementsByName("zoom")[i].innerHTML; var newtext=oldtext.rep@lace(/(^|[\n ])([\w]+?:\/\/[^ ,\"\n\r\t<]*)/ig,"$1$2"); newtext=newtext.replace (@/\[img\](.+?)\[\/img\]/ig," <@img src='$1' alt='image' />"); document.getElementsByName("zoom")[i].innerHTML=newtext; }<@/script>

after go to your Wap2=>Styles for content in forum/chat =>set global settings of styles for forum/chat=>set own form for = messages in forum.
Then in style of message in the forum (FIRS BIG BOX) and wrap your ::msg:: with

<@div name="zoom">::msg::<@/div>

Then go to ES=>gobal settings=> FORUM=> and click on about WCODE and untick [img].
Now go and post with [img] tag as usual and see it work.
NOTE: Locate all @ from the codes and remove them, and make sure you have a forum bottom auto content for it to work. Drop your comment if you dont understand.


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