How To Stop Un-Registered Users Not To Create A New Topic/Theme In Wapka

stop unlogged users from creating a topic

Tutorial on how to stop non-members and un-logged users from creating a new topic in wapka sites.

Today many wapka wapmasters have faced the problem of having to delete a post which was created by a non-member of a site,

why is it so important to stop unlogged/un-registered users from creating a topic?

it is important becus many unlogged/unregistered users use that opportunity to spam on your wapsite, now lets kick them off.

Follow the tutorial carefully

Now Paste this in forum top auto content. I will suggest the last item.

<@script language="Javascript">
var wmo=':user:';
if(wmo =@= 'admin Username'){
} else {

Note: change Admin Username to your admin username.

Now Paste This Code Below On Your Message In Forum Code Via wap2

<@div id="men@">::@CREATE_LINK::

Note: Remove all @ from the two codes.

And you have finally kick them away, drop your comments if this little but powerful post helped you.


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