All Etisalat Subscription Plan And Code

etisalat all data subscription codes

All etisalat Internet Plans And Activation Code with their durations.

Etisalat 24hrs day data plan
Monetary value:N100
Mb available: 10mb
Plan validity :1 day plan 24 Hours.
Activation Code(assud):Text MI1 to 229 or dial *229*3*1#

Etisalat 1 week data plan
Monetary value: N500
Mb available: 50MB Etisalat data
Plan validity:1 week plan (7 days)
Activation code (ussd):Text MI2 to 229 or dial *229*3*4#
List of 1 month data plan

Etisalat 1 month data plan
Monetary value: N1000
Mb available:
Plan validity:Etisalat data
Activation code(ussd):Text MB2 to 229 or dial *229*2*1#.

Etisalat N2000 data plan
Mb available:500mb
Activation codeText MB3 to 229 or dial*229*2*2#

Etisalat N4000 data plan
Mb available:1.5g Activation Code(ussd):Text MB4 to 229 or dial *229*2*4#

Etisalat N6500 data plan
Mb available:3g
Activation code(ussd):Text MB5 to 229 or dial *229*2*3# .

Etisalat N8000 data plan
Mb available: 6gb
Activation code(ussd):Text MB6 to 229 or dial *229*2*5#.

Etisalat N10000 data plan
Mb available:10gigs
Activation code(ussd):Text SM1 to 229 or dial *229*4*1#

Etisalat N15,000 data plan
Mb available:15gigs
Activation code(ussd):Text SM2 to 229 or dial *229*4*2#.

Etisalat N4000 Data Plan
Monetary value:N4000
Mb available:it is limited o.
Plan validity: Night and weekend plan.
Activation code:Text MB7 to 229 or dial*229*3*3#.


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