Latest MTN Nigeria Free Credit and Data Scam (IDMF Number)

Yesterday while going through my email inbox, I saw a mail sent from one funny individual who claims that MTN Nigeria server is presently down and is seriously undergoing maintenance which has left their system vulnerable to hacks. He claims that one can now double his/her recharge on every recharge card purchase of any denomination he/she makes by simply sending the recharge card pin and serial in a format to a number which he claims is an MTN Nigeria IDMF number.
Here is a Sample of the Message i received which i also believe is online too: “Wow!!!Wow!!!MTN CODE FOR FREE CALLS AND FREE BROWSING IS HERE AGAIN!!!!! GET YOURS AND LIVE LIKE A BOSS!!!! LIVE BIG!!! I have been using this tweak for 2weeks now,I have #23,200 on my phone right now, let me share d tweak with you, All you need is MTN card of #400,#750,#1500 anyone you like....... Then go to your message menu and type a massage in this format.....!!!!!! *the card serial number*your recharge card pin*your MTN number*131......Then send to 0092348163148847...PLEASE NOTE!! It is. MTN secret IDMF number, after you have sent it the IDMF number will reply you with a message saying!!! Dear customer your MTN card authenticated ID is ****(4 digit pin) e.g 1234,after receiving the message you can then load the recharge card pin!!!..... #400 recharge card you will get #1500 and 500mb.......If you load #750 recharge card you will get #3000 and 1GB..............if you load #1500 your card will increase to 6000 and you will also receive 4GB to browse!!!!!!! PLEASE be fast before they block it........!!!!!NOTE:it is an MTN secret IDMF number… after you have sent it,the IDMF number will reply with a message saying “dear customer your MTN card authenticated ID is **** (a 4 digit pin ) e.g 1234…after receiving the message you can then load the recharge card by dialing *555*799* your recharge pin#. You will see that your account balance will be credited with #1500 naira instead of #400 naira. #3000 naira instead of #750 naira credit. you see my account up there and you can transfer it to any other MTN SIM GOOD LUCK....Do it as quick as u can before they block it. And NOTE it depend on how you send to IDMF and how megabit you will get #400 give you 1GB, #750 give you 2GB, NOTE that the more you do the more earn did you see my acct up there do it fast before they block it. GOOD LUCK. Nigeria only.” There are several formats that have been used and is still presently in use by many of this defrauders to defraud innocent Nigerians of their hard earned cash. So if you happen to get any text message or see in websites, information relating to MTN Nigeria IDMF number and how you can get free MTN credit and data, ignore them because they are completely false. I know most of you will not believe until you get an expatiated explanation relating to the topic. Well here is a break down of how this users will defraud you of your hard earned cash just because you are trying to cheat MTN who are at all not perplexed by the so called Server problem they have been said to be experiencing. I am going to use the message above to break it down for you guys. From the message, all that is said to be required for you to be able to get a free credit and data is for you to buy any of the following recharge card denomination: MTN recharge card of 400Naira, 750Naira. Now the sender or poster decided to tell you not to use 1500Naira, just to make you believe it is real. You are then required to send the card's pin in a format to a so called IDMF number e.g. 009234816348847. Then you are told to send the card's pin in the following format *the card serial number*the recharge card pin*your MTN number*799 to 0092348163148847. The breakdown is that you are simply sending the recharge card to a Nigerian who is making you believe that his MTN phone number is a so called IDMF number. Here is what you should understand about this so called IDMF numbers that people have been posting about on the internet and SMS messages. The009 is Nigeria's International Call Prefix which can be used instead of + while 234 is simply Nigeria's Country Code, and then followed by 8163148847which is 08163148847. The 0 was removed because of the addition of 009234 or more so the +234 What this means is that you are just sending the MTN card to the owner of the MTN number 08163148847 who is in no way an MTN staff. So be wise and just manage what you have instead of allowing greed take it away. A word is enough for the wise.


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